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Body moisturizing lotion GMPC
Aug 04, 2017

Moisturizing lotion is a kind of liquid cream cosmetics, has a good moisturizing effect and humidity, can keep the skin moist. The early emulsion is water-wrapped oil emulsion, the use of potassium soap as emulsifier, but in the storage process will thicken, not easy to pour out of the bottle.

Latex Cosmetics, also known as honey-type cosmetics, is the water package oil-type emulsifier, moisture content in the 20%~80% around, with a certain fluidity, shape quite like honey, hence the name. Emulsion contains a large amount of water, can fully replenish the skin moisture. Emulsion also contains a small amount of oil, can moisturize the skin. The emulsion has three functions: decontamination, water supplement, and supplementary nutrition. Decontamination refers to the emulsion can replace cleanser to remove facial dirt; Add water, because the emulsion contains 20%~80% water, so, can be directly to the skin to replenish water, keep the skin moist; supplementary nutrition, because the emulsion contains a small amount of oil, when the face of the skin tight, the oil in the emulsion can moisturize the skin, so that the skin soft.


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