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Experts advise! How to prevent hair loss hair
Oct 31, 2016

1, 10 ~ 15cm interval hair root spray evenly. The hair partition, grabbed the hair bundle to the hair root spray Peng Peng water, from the hair root about 10 ~ 15cm wide range of spraying more uniform, not afraid of too much for the amount of hair agglomeration.

2, fingers inserted root hair root out of loose feeling. Like massage the scalp the same, with the pulp rubbing hair root, from the side of the back of the brain scoop direction, if you want more loose, advocates available from the bottom up blower, make sense of more durable peng.

Hair wax: the invention does not pretend to beam sense, microbend straight hair or curly hair are applicable, can be made of miscellaneous Matou in the bundle of hair, to build a breeze blowing over the large volume, you have to rely on wax.

1, rubbing his hands to the wax ablation. Take a large grain of rice wax, rub on the palm of your hand until the palm of the hand can be extended in appearance.

2, grasp the desired beam shape stereotypes. Hand grasp the desired degree of volume and beam to knead the palm of your hand to help hair styling.

Stereotypes liquid: no trick can be durable stereotypes. Spray-shaped liquid suitable for shape in the post "to strengthen the stereotypes" with the spacing of hair about 10cm appearance of the mercy point on the role of the most ideal.

1, to strengthen and extend the tail volume. Fingers along the hair winding, and then sprayed on the stereotypes of liquid, allowing elongation degree of aging, to maintain a full day volume degree.

2, from the bottom up spray is the main point. Will roll out the volume, from the bottom up spray, so that the surface do not stick too much hair styling liquid, to prevent too stiff stiff.

Mousse: invented natural not hard scale. Lightweight mousse advocate curly hair appearance, can increase the volume degree of elasticity, so that the degree of durability is not simple straight!

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