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Hair care conditioner
Jul 28, 2017

Principle of hair care conditioner 

It is generally believed that the hair is negatively charged. With shampoo (mainly anion detergent, soap also belongs to this kind of) shampoo, will make hair with more negative charges, resulting in electrostatic, resulting in carding inconvenience. Using a conditioner, the main ingredient of cationic quaternary ammonium salts can be in and left in the head to publish the molecule with anions, and leave a layer of homogeneous monolayer, this wonderful thing will bring a series of benefits to the hair: soft, shiny, easy to comb, anti-static, and the mechanical damage of the hair and chemical scald, perm, hair dye caused by the damage to a certain degree of repair.


The use of hair care conditioner 

Healthy hair surface by a group of complete wool scales and natural secretion of grease to form the protective film of hair, too much washing, scalding, sun exposure will destroy this layer of natural protective film, resulting in the loss of the cortex water, hair drying, loss of elasticity and softness. Only regular use of hair care conditioner , in order to lasting the formation of the protective film, so that the hair from injury.

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