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Shampoo is the choice of acid-base?
Oct 31, 2016

Acid shampoo is relative to alkaline shampoo. Usually the shampoo is usually alkaline (PH> 7), is due to alkaline shampoo with excellent decontamination, but it has damage to the hair, so that the scales open, become rough and difficult to take care of. The acidic shampoo is (PH <7), although the decontamination effect is not alkaline shampoo is good, but acidic substances have closed the effect of the hair cuticle, make hair docile smooth, easy care. Also for this reason, the usual hair care products are acidic.

Shampoo pH value controlled between 5.0 to 6.0 is called weak acid shampoo. In our skin, there is a layer of the outer layer of natural protective layer called sebum film, which we resist most of the bacterial and environmental damage, its PH value of 5.5, this film is a neutral protective layer, used to keep the skin Acid-base balance, while the weak acid shampoo (5.0 ~ 6.0) fit the human acidic characteristics, but also for this layer of subtle damage to the protective layer, corrosion away the surface dust, increase hair glistening glory, make it wan, Ze easy to organize.

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