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Some of the men's hair care knowledge
Oct 31, 2016

First, first with warm water full wet cover head and hair

Second, the selection of appropriate hair from the cap and hair shampoo, take the appropriate palm, rubbing into the head after the blistering

Third, gently massage the cap with the pulp after rinse with warm water (advocate 2 times)

Fourth, if the hair is dry and dry, it is desirable appropriate conditioner, even rub in the hair tail, remember, do not change the hair conditioner on the head cover Oh, this will block the hair follicle breathing. Massage stay a few minutes and then wash

5, wash your hair with a towel after the tap, the best natural air-dried, or low-temperature hair dryer, spaced more than 10 cm dry.

3. Cover itch, hair off faster

1:00 itching is not a solution

Head cover itch is a lot of signs of hair loss, most people often overlook the severity of itching head, thought it was dirty hair, wash your hair on the right, even the use of mint recipe shampoo, but also only temporary Of the relief, rather than a permanent solution. As long as the head cover itch to find out the reason, completely improve the head cover health, can completely eliminate the head cover itch problem.

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