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The current cosmetics industry is facing the brand situation
Oct 31, 2016

China's makeup work is not the same as the early years. If a few years ago is still consistent with the national brand of foreign words, then the situation today, the initial end, and will be a lasting end. To Herborist as the representative of the Chinese cosmetics corps sudden emergence, the initial break the foreign brand exclusive national situation, for the national daily high-end brand work has brought hope and dawn! Pui in China's consumer goods work, "Kampo Materia Medica" The more fierce. From the King of Chinese herbal shampoo to Wong Lo Kat herbal tea, from affordable herbal medicine to the European Poetry Man, from Herborist to Beijing Run pearl, and so on, lifted all. Originally, the prosperity of the Chinese herbal medicine is not groundless, its negative support is the domestic brand of high quality, cost-effective and because of China's economic uplifting, the world position forward brought about by the national self-confidence, pride enhancement. Originally, the quality is based on the Chinese culture as the foundation of the product recognition and certain. Of course, business rules dictate, facing a strong foreign brand-controlled shopping malls, Chinese companies can only in the Chinese side of this unique culture of the Chinese context to find their own uniqueness and difference.

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