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The current status of the domestic shampoo industry
Oct 31, 2016

China shampoo career after 20 years of development, and now has more than 2,000 shampoo manufacturers, including a total of more than 500 brands. Professional competition is very intense.

China is now the world's shampoo production and sales of the highest countries. Data show that China's shampoo and hair care products stores capacity gradually full, the growth rate began to slow down. Estimated that the next five years, China's average annual growth rate of washing hair care products will remain at 1.8%.

In the fierce competition in the profession, China's rural brand to be carried out will face a lot of pressure and hardships. First, the international brands rely on its leading technical strength, management experience and efficient marketing forms, possession of the shampoo industry more than half of the country. Only Procter & Gamble Company to occupy the market share of 60%. Second, the township of shampoo due to the development of small and lack of brand has been unable to obtain a greater breakthrough, most of the second-tier brands can only retreated to Jiangdong, to occupy a huge but low-end rural shopping malls. And now, rural shopping malls also lost the quiet of the past. Multinational companies have also aimed at low-end shopping malls, launched a strong attack, making the brand in the country to retreat back to the difficult situation.

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