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When you choose to shampoo wholesale products to think about the four elements
Oct 31, 2016

1, the foam products. Foaming power is the primary symbol of good or bad to identify shampoo, shampoo is usually a good good bubble, with a small amount of water can add a lot of bubbles.

2, the detergency of goods. Decontamination ability is the primary symbol of good or bad assessment of shampoo, shampoo is the most basic function is clean. It can eliminate excessive scalp oil and dirt, to create excellent hair growth environment. Shampoo decontamination depends on its active substance content.

3, the degree of the goods. Shampoo is the moderate degree of PH value of the shampoo. PH value is used to identify the material acid-base level of the standard. Healthy hair surface has a set of intact hair cuticle, normal hair was weak acid.

4, the correction of goods. Hair from outside to inside can be divided into hair epidermis, fur, hair medulla three parts. Commonly referred to as dyeing, hot, straighten the hair and the damage is the damage of the hair epidermis. In order to obtain more intuitive results, we will use the test shampoo washed hair under the electron microscope observation. Assuming that the scales do not or rarely arched, clarify the corrective effect.

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