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Encourage The Trade And Industry To Crack Down On Infringement Shampoo Hair Care Products
Oct 31, 2016

Shampoo and hair care products, shopping malls brand dazzling array of the world, the domestic dazzling, so that consumers can not distinguish between true and false, the individual unscrupulous traders use the consumer preferences of the world brand of mind, fake foreign brands, so that consumers purchase, usually consumers Difficult to identify true and false. To this end, Yu An Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Gulou industry and commerce that difficult to succeed, with the successful acquisition of suspected infringement of others registered trademark infringement of shampoo and hair care products case, and analogy to the market for all remediation.

During the Spring Festival this year, the legal staff in the mall inspection found a area of shampoo and hair care products store, sold a brand suspected of infringing on a registered trademark of others, to this end, the legal staff to open the query. Prior to this, the legal staff of some of the world's first-line brands are less understood.

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