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What Are The Ingredients Of Shampoo
Oct 31, 2016

1, the primary function of shampoo is washed hair. Scalp on the scalp and hair is mainly grease and dust, so the surfactant became an essential component of shampoo.

There are many kinds of surfactants, shampoo are more commonly used are dodecyl sulfate, dodecyl sulfate and other polyoxyethylene sulfate. Because the individual differences in consumers, the hair is also the number of fat is not the same, so the shampoo will generally be a variety of active agents are not the same share to be allocated to the habit of dry or oily hair needs.

2, as early as the 1950s, silicon has been used for cosmetics. Now shampoo with silicone oil is a mixture of a variety of silicon compounds. In the shampoo process, suspended in the shampoo in the emulsified silicone oil contact with the hair surface, it will adsorb to the hair surface, and then add the hair scales damaged, constitute a protective layer. It is worth noting that the silicone oil can not be dissolved in water, so excessive use of silicone oil containing shampoo will make it deposited in the hair surface and hair follicles at the hair affect the normal habits of the wind.

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